East Masonville Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

Station system up for 37 Days 21 Hours 6 Minutes 9 Seconds
Station system free memory 6.55GB
Weather Display last started 8:15:11 PM 1/16/2018

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
17-Feb-2018 14:38:33 EST
Weather Display (10.37S-(b63)) realtime Current 0 17-Feb-2018 14:38:33 EST
Weather Display (10.37S-(b63)) FTP Current 236 17-Feb-2018 14:34:37 EST
WXSIM Forecast Current 526 17-Feb-2018 14:29:47 EST
Warnings/Advisories NOT Current 327357 > 340 secs
13-Feb-2018 19:42:36 EST
Record Broken Current 52796 16-Feb-2018 23:58:37 EST
Monthly Climate Report Current 52014 17-Feb-2018 00:11:39 EST
Detailed Charts Current 52072 17-Feb-2018 00:10:41 EST
NWS Forecast NOT Current unknown > 18100 secs
file not found
UV Forecast Current 1154 17-Feb-2018 14:19:19 EST

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Weather Terms

Waterspout - In general, a tornado occurring over water. Specifically, it refers to a small, relatively weak rotating column of air over water beneath a towering cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud. They occasionally occur over Lake Michigan in late summer with unusually cold air aloft.